I am a well-known licensed outdoor and cultural tour guide, providing guiding service with customized individual itineraries and assistance for discerning travellers seeking authentiek outdoor and cultural experience in Turkey. I do NOT work on commission from any travel services. I design trips expertly tailored to your interests and personally guide the tour in cooperation with autorized travel agents.   As a freelance tour guide I  work  for some of the largest travel agents operating through Turkey too. But, in addition to working for these organizations, I offer my experience and expertise to travelers who want a direct  contact with a tour guide to plan their holiday by first-hand experience. My aim is simple;  to provide unparalleled authentiek holiday experiences in Turkey.



Let me know what your interests are, how many days and how many people you have, places that you would like to visit, your expectations from it or send me a specific itinerary that you would like to follow. On receipt of your inquiry, I will work out an ideal itinerary and reply you within 48 hours. Once there is agreement on the itinerary and the date, all your arrangements and reservations will be made by an autorized travel agent. The payment is accepted at the end of the tour as a part of service satisfaction guarantee.


There are loads of holiday ideas in Turkey, from walking trails in the mountains to a toddler-friendly seaside breaks by Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. For history buffs, every year millions of visitors become immersed in a world of relics and marvels that stretches back as far as human civilization itself along with the jealousy preserved world famous historical remains such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Troy, Ephesus, Cappadocia and many others.   Gulet cruises, offering superb swimming, exploring nearby ancient sites, culinary forays and relaxation is another choice for groups with different expectations from holiday. On account of its unique geographical location, structure and cultural heritage, with its untouched and preserved nature and multitude of wild species, it is a gem for hikers too. No other country in the world offers the same combination with a warm welcome from the people famous with their hospitality which is one of the cornerstone of Turkish way of life. As a well-known outdoor and cultural tour guide, experienced in every single square of Turkey with many universially enthuastic reviews I customize the choices in the very best way up to your taste and  make your dream holiday come true at any part of it.


I studied Tourism Management at university in Turkey before completing a master degree on Leisure, Tourism and Environment.  I have led many outdoor, cultural and yacht tours in different part of Turkey with many universally enthusiastic reviews. People describe me as genteel, detail-oriented, flexible, easy-going and knowledgeable. I believe in social responsibility therefore I am an active supporter of Bugday NGO, supporting ecological living. Camping, biking, playing squash and hiking are my way to spend my leisure time.  Definately I pride myself on the personal touches that I add to every tour that I conduct and am uniquely qualified to ensure that everyones’ expectations are met or exceeded.  I speak English, Dutch and Turkish. 



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